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What is Shopronto?

Shopronto is an innovative, brand new way to get anything you want delivered to you ASAP. We deliver from any store in Sheffield and Manchester, from the store right to your door.

Who are our Pronto's?

Our pronto's are couriers who will get you what you need ASAP! These are talented couriers who have access to an Iphone, Motorbike, Bicycle or Moped who are looking to deliver or pick up your goods as quickly as they can

What do you deliver at Shopronto?

We will deliver anything, as long as it’s legal of course! If you can’t find it on our menus, please use the custom order function and type in what you want, we may have to get in touch to let you know the price or double check the item.

We will also pick up or send anything you want, for example if you forgot your keys, one of our pronto's would be happy to pick it up!

What are your opening times?

We can deliver to you from:

Monday to Thursday: 7:30am to 2am
Friday: 7:30am to 5am
Saturday: 7:30am to 5am
Sunday: 8am to 12am

Can I schedule an order for a later time and date?

Absolutely! Pick a time and date which suits you and you will get your delivery whenever you would like.

How do i make an order?

Ordering is really simple! All that needs to be done is

Click on the icon you are interested in, and pick products from the stores available!
If you can’t find something you want, click the custom order function available on each store, and type in what you would like!

If none of the stores appeal to you, click on the personal courier section and ‘Order something’ - You can have anything delivered, whenever you want.
We can also send or spick something up for you, e.g a bag, envelope, keys, passport!

What are your most popular delivery items?

The most popular stuff is food and drinks. Here at shopronto, we have something for everyone!

What do I do if I want to cancel my order?

You can cancel by pressing the cancel button on the app! If a courier has been chosen for you, you can cancel within the first 5 minutes, after that you may be charged a £5 cancellation fee!

How much does it cost to use our service?

We charge delivery based on distance, it can vary from anywhere from £0.00 to £20.00

For each order we have a 9% service fee also.


Can I split the price with my friends?

Of course! This is something we pride ourselves on. You can split costs with up to 5 friends, simply send them a request to share the fee! You can also split payment based on what you have paid for,

For example, if you ordered a pizza and your friend ordered 8 items, you would only pay for the pizza and your part off the delivery fee!


Can I order alcohol/cigarettes?

Yes of course, your wish is our command! However be aware that we may ask for ID on arrival!


What if there is something wrong with my order?

We have a team of people happy to help, simply either 'Contact Customer Service' through the app or e-mail [email protected] and our team will be happy to help. Simply give us your order number and one of our team will be happy to help with any issues!


What if I would like to add to my order?

 Not a problem, simply call or text your assigned courier and let them know! Please make sure you do this before the driver has left the store as we may not be able to do this for you then!


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